Some thoughts and images

New Zealand

A trip full of “WOW!” moments. Magnificent scenery, friendly people, great food, nice weather. Would I go back again? At the drop of a hat!


Our trip to Tassie earlier in the year was great. It is a lovely and intriguing place. I love the fact that you don’t have to travel enormous distances in order to visit scenic spots or historic sites. There is so much history throughout the island. Indeed, in some places the people still seem to be living in the past! The weather was good, and the accommodation comfortable. The island is easy to get around, although I must warn you not to trust your GPS unit to get you to the top of Mt. Wellington. Twice we tried to follow the instructions, and twice the unit tried to take us up a fire trail that would have challenged a mountain goat. It was a lot easier to ask a local and follow your nose!

Tassie, another place I would visit again.


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