Monthly Archives: May 2013

A Great Find

I was spending some time looking at music clips on Youtube this morning and came across this terrific site called NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts. They have a huge variety and amount of music on Youtube, and it’s well worth some time looking at the posts of their “mini” concerts.

Here are a couple that I was most impressed with. The first is by Lizz Wright, who has a powerfully moving voice. I think I will have to chase up a CD of hers.

The second is just another clip with some music that I enjoy.

More to come in the days ahead.


A Difficult Choice

I have just finished adding some more details to the “Travel” page of this blog. (Check it out).

It got me thinking. What if someone gave me $10,000 and said I was to spend a week in my dream location on earth. Where would I choose? I still haven’t made up my mind. Perhaps a week in Scotland, or maybe somewhere on the continent. Although Africa is very enticing. Hmmm, I guess I will keep dreaming.

What about you? If someone made you that offer, where would you choose? Why not pop a reply on here and let me know?    passport

If Pets Were Humans

I just spent a nice weekend in Melbourne with my daughter. I took Rosie, our Border Collie, with me. She had a great weekend, and was an instant favourite of my daughter’s housemates. They lavished attention on her, and she revelled in it. As I watched her laying back enjoying all the fuss made over her, I thought that she was being treated like royalty.

It got me wondering. If our pets could be human, who would you say they would be, or what profession would they have?

I reckon Rosie would be someone like Grace Kelly. An elegant star, without the trappings of arrogance that often accompany fame.

On the other hand our Blue Heeler, Jazz, might be a bit more like the politician Bronwyn Bishop. Solid, imposing, and liking her own way.

Now, all I have to do is try to work out who our Bearded Dragon, Zap, may well be. 

A Mate’s Mates

Yesterday morning I enjoyed sharing breakfast at some friend’s home. To keep us company we had their menagerie of 3 dogs varying in age, health and energy, but all sharing a love of visitors, their neurotic bird called Frank, a number of fish, and dozens of “free flyers” such as sparrows and crested pigeons (which are fed daily in the backyard).

As well as enjoying the friendship of my mate and his lovely wife, the visit reminded me of just how life can be enriched when we share it with animals.

A Great Time of Year


My favourite time of the year.

The days are beautiful, the nights are fresh, and the early mornings are crisp.
The colours of the trees are wonderful, and they are crying out to be photographed. Perhaps in the next day or two I will have the chance to get the camera out and take advantage of the opportunity.
I am so blessed to live in this amazing part of the world, where we have 4 distinct seasons.

Jumping into the on-line world

ImageWell, it’s time to take the plunge.

Time to start a blog, and share some of my life with the ether.

Who knows where this will finish up? It may end as abruptly as it started, or it may continue for many days.

It may at times be exciting, at other times it may be mundane. My thoughts may be incisive, or they may be rambling. We will wait to see.

It may be updated regularly, or it may sit for days all by itself. It will all depend on how busy my life is, or how inspired I am to be creative.

It will be what it will be.