If Pets Were Humans

I just spent a nice weekend in Melbourne with my daughter. I took Rosie, our Border Collie, with me. She had a great weekend, and was an instant favourite of my daughter’s housemates. They lavished attention on her, and she revelled in it. As I watched her laying back enjoying all the fuss made over her, I thought that she was being treated like royalty.

It got me wondering. If our pets could be human, who would you say they would be, or what profession would they have?

I reckon Rosie would be someone like Grace Kelly. An elegant star, without the trappings of arrogance that often accompany fame.

On the other hand our Blue Heeler, Jazz, might be a bit more like the politician Bronwyn Bishop. Solid, imposing, and liking her own way.

Now, all I have to do is try to work out who our Bearded Dragon, Zap, may well be. 

2 thoughts on “If Pets Were Humans

  1. Pete, Thanks for your considered response. I wondered about Zap being Julia, but then I realised that Zap is a Pogona vitticeps, or Central Bearded Dragon, and not a Moloch horridus, which is a Thorny Devil. You must understand that you can’t get too close to a Thorny Devil, and you must never turn your back on one. It has all the right equipment to stab you in the back. As a good aussie would say, it’s Ruddy dangerous!
    So, I’m sorry, but the idea of Zap being Julia is a non-starter.

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