A Difficult Choice

I have just finished adding some more details to the “Travel” page of this blog. (Check it out).

It got me thinking. What if someone gave me $10,000 and said I was to spend a week in my dream location on earth. Where would I choose? I still haven’t made up my mind. Perhaps a week in Scotland, or maybe somewhere on the continent. Although Africa is very enticing. Hmmm, I guess I will keep dreaming.

What about you? If someone made you that offer, where would you choose? Why not pop a reply on here and let me know?    passport

2 thoughts on “A Difficult Choice

  1. There is sooo much to see (am thankful to have seen so much already). I would love to see some of south america, machu pichu. But then there is so much more of europe i would love to see!? (Going to have to think about this a bit longer i think!)

  2. Hello, late joiner here. Money is very tight at the moment – tighter than it has been in 25 years! But, in an ideal world – 12 months in Ireland on the west coast – Wild Atlantic Way – writing. That would be where I’d go! 🙂

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